ScreenSnapr: Yet Another Screen Capture Utility Released in Beta

September 8, 2009 by Victor 

If you haven’t picked a favorite screen capture utility, here’s one that you may want to put on your list of apps to try, especially if you want to upload your captures to an FTP server.

ScreenSnapr is a simple screen capture utility. The free version has no expiry date and lacks some of the more interesting features such as posting screenshots to Twitter, something that the full version includes, for a fee of 5$.

Since paying for screen capture applications is nonsense (browse our website to see that there plenty of free apps available), let’s have a look at the features of the free version:

  • Unlimited 1-click uploads
  • Custom FTP uploads
  • URL shrinking
  • Custom GUI
  • Dual-monitor support

Using ScreenSnapr

ScreenSnapr is launched by a shortcut that is predefined within the program. The program settings are very simple and self-explanatory. FTP settings are easily configured.

A simple window pops up as soon as you create the shortcut. Note that the Tweet option is not functional in the free version of ScreenSnapr.


ScreenSnapr, while still in beta, is a very simple application with no real features that make it stand out. Even free web-based screen capture tools such as Aviary are more advanced than ScreenSnapr, and do not require a payment to use the full version.

Overall, it’s a nice program if you often upload screenshots to FTP, but otherwise it’s best that you evaluate some other alternatives, many of which are available by browsing this site.

You may read more about and download ScreenSnapr at


2 Responses to “ScreenSnapr: Yet Another Screen Capture Utility Released in Beta”

  1. Jeff on February 9th, 2011 12:22 am

    This message is for the staff. The Contact Us page mentions sending a quick message instead of contacting via the mailing address, but no email address, etc is given. So, I don’t know of any way to contact you.

    I am trying to find at least one website that offers an ability to take screen captures/shots (images, not videos) of anything on the screen or in a browser like any other standard screen capture program, not just screen captures of of a web page by providing a URL. And I am obviously not talking about video captures like you can do with,, and other websites.

    I would imagine a website offering what I am talking about would use Java/Javascript probably like these video capture sites mentioned do, but maybe I’m wrong.

    Are you guys aware of any decent solutions like I am talking about?

  2. dave on March 17th, 2012 2:12 pm

    i am using screensnapr for quite some time and its great. no more time consuming manual ftp uploading to share a screen.

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